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Bali Stone Carving Panel - Statue GTE-010

Bali Stone Carving Panel is made from a good material of white stone. It is recommended choice to add Balinese nuance into the buildings.   Gate

Balinese Wall Relief - Statue GTE-011

We provide Balinese Wall Reliefs for buildings of villa, hotel, and restaurant. Those are carved from white stone.   Gate Product Code: GTE-

Balinese Carved Stone Panels - Statue GTE-012

Balinese Carved Stone Panels for Gate and Wall. You can get various kind of the carved stone pannels with us.   Gate Product Code: GTE-012Materia

Bali Stone Wall Cladding - Statue GTE-013

We prodvide Bali Stone Wall Cladding for gate, which it is made from material of white stone and a good choice for those of you who want a Balinese Ar

Balinese Stone Carvings Ubud Gate - Statue GTE-014

Balinese Stone Carvings Ubud Gates can be applied on gate of villa or house building. It is made from material of white stone.   Gate Product Cod

Balinese Gates for Sale - Statue GTE-015

Balinese Gates for Sale - Recommended for those of you who want add Balinese style into your building architecture.   Gate Product Code: GTE-015

Bali Carved Panels - Statue GTE-016

Bali Carved Panels and Gates are made from white stone and carved detailly in authentic architecture by  a professional artist.    Prod

Balinese Goddess Statue - Statue MD-001

Balinese Goddess Statue can applied as for a decoration in holy places or villas. It is sculpted by local sculptor and made from white stone.   P

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